The Advocacy Podcast

1. Professor Leslie Thomas QC: Case Preparation and Strategy

Professor Leslie Thomas QC speaks about preparing your case theory and strategy, and using your own voice for effective advocacy.

2. Roger Dodd: A Masterclass in Cross-Examination

World-renowned expert on cross-examination, Roger Dodd, gives his top 10 tips for a killer cross.

3. The Hon Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace: A Judicial Perspective on Persuasion

The Hon Justice Ann Ainslie-Wallace offers a judicial perspective on effective persuasion, including what to do and what not to do.

4. Sarah Clarke QC: The Expert Advocacy Trainer

Sarah Clarke QC shares her perspectives on advocacy, having trained experienced practitioners throughout the world and having sat as a Judge.

5. Carl Heaton QC: Winning with Examination-in-Chief and Closing

Director of Public Prosecutions of Queensland, Australia, Carl Heaton QC, advises on examination-in-chief (direct examination) and closing arguments.

6. Jo Sidhu QC: The Soft Skills of Advocacy

Jo Sidhu QC discusses the soft skills of advocacy, including breathing, projection and controlling the mind to eliminate distractions.

7. Ian Robertson: An Expert on Expert Witnesses

Ian Robertson SC shares his approach to expert reports and witnesses, how to be guided by their forensic assessment and what questions to ask.

8. Rex Parris: The Neurology of the Courtroom

Rex Parris discusses the neurology of the courtroom and tools of persuasion that he has used in his own trials.